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    February 26th at 9:27pm
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    Last official elementary-school game for this special squad - they don't (and shouldn't!) keep stats for this in 5th-grade rec hoops, but the kids took 25 3s (!) ... and made 7 (!!!) Grade-level division champs for the 3rd straight year. But it's so much more about the WAY they play together than any outcomes - lot of joy and camaraderie.

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    February 25th at 12:25am
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    So excited to be back at my brother Mark's alma mater @saeslions for @st_andrews_basketball playoffs all weekend long. (Hey, look, they still have my brother's spot saved at the end of the JV bench! JK, Mark, JK... Your JV hoops career was way more than anything I ever athletically accomplished!)

    Glad to have you back!!
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  • danshanoff

    February 21st at 6:19pm
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    Scenes from the rec-hoops season: The annual "Parents Join Players In Layup Line" tradition. Gabe muffed the layup, but check out "Ma Buckets!"


    4 days ago
    He wears his pants high like Uncle Mark.
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  • danshanoff

    February 16th at 4:34pm
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    Can't think of a better way to spend my birthday morning than with this kiddo and Disney On Ice, about 50 feet from my office.

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    February 14th at 1:29am
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    Gabe doing a takeover of my Instagram account tonight from the Wiz-Thunder game....

  • danshanoff

    February 11th at 1:50pm
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    The basketball student section at @oconnellhs on Friday night in the final seconds of their win over DeMatha.

  • danshanoff

    February 11th at 1:25am
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    Fun Friday night at @kettlericeplex for a @monsportsnet subscriber skate event with the @capitals, featuring @zachsanford and @philippgrubauer31 - thanks, fellas!


    16 days ago
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  • danshanoff

    February 5th at 10:49pm
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    It's a good day when you start it broadcasting @ssmgt #hotleague on @monsportsnet end it watching your 5th-grade rec-hoops team execute selflessly and with top-notch energy.

  • danshanoff

    February 3rd at 9:45pm
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    A great season of live HS hoops on @monsportsnet continues into Feb with the phenomenal @onlyatsjs SJIT. Day 2 of 3, Friday 3-9:30 (I'm on the call!), plus 4 more tourney games tomorrow.

  • danshanoff

    February 3rd at 5:09pm
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    Gabe's 5th-grade school band is joining other grade schools and the local middle school in a joint concert tonight. 1812 Overture and "Hang On, Sloopy."

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