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    December 12th at 1:25am
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    Writing songs, staying warm and enjoying the silence of snow. So much fuel for the fire these days. Grateful for all your support, listens, likes, and words. New music in the new year, I promise you that... -Amy K


    1 year ago
    Hey! Are you the creator of the life cycles sound tracks?


    2 years ago
    but where is ajay?


    3 years ago
    Hey stranger! How are you? @dataromance
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  • dataromance

    December 1st at 10:03am
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    Early morning weekend selfie. New life, new thoughts, new writings, new music to come.. I'm @miss_amy_k if you wanna follow the rest of the story. ✨#dataromance #amyk #music #love #gratitude #teacher


    3 months ago
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  • dataromance

    November 12th at 8:13am
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    New song up on band page. Please feel free to share any music therapy facts or stories you have. ❤

  • dataromance

    November 11th at 5:39am
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    Writing winter candlelit romantics. 💋

  • dataromance

    November 6th at 5:59am
    27 1

    Feeling fiery post yoga post haircut pre gin and tonic. 🍸


    4 years ago
    Hot!! xo
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  • dataromance

    November 2nd at 1:13am
    24 2

    Solo album planning and fireside chats on a mountain. Send me all the good musical vibes you have in your heart this week. 💜


    4 years ago
    @paizt 💌 thank you!


    4 years ago
    Push the Button --> Vibe send! 📩
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  • dataromance

    October 26th at 11:13pm
    11 0

    Listening to recordings and making Homeland Halloween costume. Just need a bottle of wine and the look of pure stress for tonight. -Amy

  • dataromance

    October 23rd at 5:50am
    18 0

    Ocean baseball.

  • dataromance

    October 21st at 12:24am
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    Working on a song I wrote when I was in Prague. That city was a shining light after spending time in Berlin. Both inspiring for very different reasons.

  • dataromance

    October 18th at 1:29am
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    Some songs are more important than others. Lullabies for friends babes. Feed the soul.💙

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