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  • davekurt

    November 27th at 9:17pm
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    NFL Sundays and sleeping babies. It doesn't get any better than this.


    7 days ago
    Who's baby?
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  • davekurt

    November 24th at 8:59pm
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    The traditional post Thanksgiving dinner nap

  • davekurt

    November 24th at 1:52pm
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    Why the long face?

  • davekurt

    November 24th at 1:51pm
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    Somewhere over Michigan

  • davekurt

    November 23rd at 2:09am

    "To be the man, you've got to beat the man"

  • davekurt

    November 16th at 1:57pm
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    Somewhere over Wisconsin

  • davekurt

    November 8th at 3:34am

    I love running on fall days in Michigan #scenesfromarun


    20 days ago


    27 days ago
    If only there was an EPC church there....
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  • davekurt

    October 19th at 2:54am
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    2 months ago
    I think I just saw one of my other friends share a very similar pic but theirs said "hunting". Hope you're wearing orange or at least joining team katniss.
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  • davekurt

    October 15th at 3:39pm
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    Why the long face Trixie? Squished in between us.

  • davekurt

    October 12th at 1:30pm
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    Sunset flight home last night.

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