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A Husband, a Father, a Web Developer, a Gamer. I talk about technology, gamification, social media, games, martial arts, guitars, lunch and more.

  • daverage

    May 25th at 5:57pm
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    Narrative Atoms. The smallest complete moment of a narrative / story.

  • daverage

    May 23rd at 5:11pm
    5 1

    Noooooooooooooooooooo #bluescreen


    4 days ago
    The new Blue monster?
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  • daverage

    May 20th at 5:55pm
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    Bit of a trim - thanks Tanya!!


    7 days ago
    A bit???....
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  • daverage

    May 19th at 7:27pm
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    All the @lego fidget cubes. New Batman, old Batman & a grey one. That one costs less than £4 to make.

  • daverage

    May 18th at 9:27pm
    2 0

    Hannah's "Batman" @lego fidget / magic cube

  • daverage

    May 18th at 1:00pm
    11 0

    Making myself at home! @motivaitholding

  • daverage

    May 17th at 9:09am
    4 2

    Overnight oats. Nom!


    10 days ago


    10 days ago
    Have u tried the baked oats? AMAZING! 😋 if u close your eyes it could almost be cake! 😉👌🏻
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  • daverage

    May 14th at 10:07am
    7 0

    Awesome @lego mini folding fidget cube.

  • daverage

    May 9th at 8:18am
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    #Gamification: The use of game design metaphors to create more game-like and engaging experiences.

  • daverage

    May 7th at 12:18pm
    4 1

    Thank don't bribe. #gamification


    21 days ago
    I've added component of self-interest in there before I considered it bribery.
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