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A Husband, a Father, a Web Developer, a Gamer. I talk about technology, gamification, social media, games, martial arts, guitars, lunch and more.

  • daverage

    February 18th at 12:14am
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    Reality TV, and everything we now suffer because of it, is our fault.

  • daverage

    February 17th at 5:57pm
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    Lego Batman - who's the cutest??

  • daverage

    February 15th at 7:47pm
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    Digital Transformation should be seen as business as usual, not innovation!


    3 days ago
    It's a bit humorous no.
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  • daverage

    February 10th at 2:33pm
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    Once more unto the breach! #Gamification

  • daverage

    February 8th at 10:55pm
    7 1



    11 days ago
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  • daverage

    February 7th at 11:10am
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    Dress like a blues brother day?

  • daverage

    February 1st at 11:51pm
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    Creation of #Gamification

  • daverage

    February 1st at 9:08am

    Best boom title I've seen in a while!


    8 hours ago


    17 days ago


    18 days ago
    If the world was flat you would make the world round again!!


    18 days ago
    How are the contents?
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  • daverage

    January 31st at 7:25pm
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    Tomorrow and Thursday night chicken curry !! #foodporn

  • daverage

    January 30th at 4:54pm
    3 1

    Hate being allergic to dogs!


    20 days ago
    Man, you know you keep your guard up. 😎😎😎😎
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