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    February 5th at 12:46am
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    Finished production and caught a few fish. Great week. Great new friends. Good to be heading home.


    22 days ago
    Be safe David! Really enjoyed the week buddy!!
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  • daviderikmedia

    February 3rd at 9:25pm
    7 0

    Don't look down.

  • daviderikmedia

    February 3rd at 8:17pm
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    First time climbing the tuna tower on a moving boat. Worth it for the footage. Don't tell my wife. #simradyachting

  • daviderikmedia

    February 3rd at 8:15pm
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    Heading back offshore to catch some cobia & some killer footage. @oceanicgear @sarahmelia305 @daren.cole @j.b.jenks @simradyachting #cloudninefishingcharters

  • daviderikmedia

    January 30th at 4:02pm
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    After yesterday's weather, this was a welcome sight this morning.

  • daviderikmedia

    November 15th at 3:30pm
    3 0

    Rough day for Charlie Brown. As if he wasn't already depressed enough.

  • daviderikmedia

    October 31st at 2:59am
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    A 4yo's interpretation of a pumpkin. She draws, I cut.

  • daviderikmedia

    October 20th at 1:32am
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    Night out with the girls.

  • daviderikmedia

    October 12th at 11:40pm
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    Out scouting our location for our shoot in the morning when the rain cleared for a moment, and the fog began rolling in over the trees. Beautiful.

  • daviderikmedia

    September 30th at 12:56am
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    And the other daddy's girl.

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