Dayyan Smith @dayyan

"free in heart, happy in soul, cheerful in mind"

  • dayyan

    September 5th at 7:43pm
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    Thank you everyone! You made this birthday very special


    2 months ago
    Aaaaaw miss uuuu
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  • dayyan

    March 21st at 9:28pm
  • dayyan

    February 27th at 12:52am
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    "...cause them to become the promulgators of the oneness of mankind and the cause of love and concord in the world of humanity..."

  • dayyan

    January 31st at 5:59pm

    "I have always imagined that Paradise will be a kind of library."


    9 months ago
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  • dayyan

    January 2nd at 2:06pm

    "…the Mashriqu’l-Adhkár inspiriteth the lovers of God and delighteth their hearts, and causeth them to become steadfast and firm."

  • dayyan

    December 28th at 4:40pm
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  • dayyan

    November 1st at 12:37am
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    Happy birthday Leyla!


    1 year ago
    😍Aww how much I love you all💕


    1 year ago
    ❤️ thats a lovely photo
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  • dayyan

    February 18th at 10:04pm
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    " in heart, happy in soul, cheerful in mind..."


    1 year ago
    Sehr schön!
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  • dayyan

    January 21st at 7:35pm
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    The kindest Norwegian I know and his chocolate chili cookies - the best I've ever had

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