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Guitarist|Songwriter|Husband to @mrs_bettington|Father to @harlow.kenzi

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    December 31st at 10:10am
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    2016 has been a hectic and challenging year at home and at work, but every moment has been another day to learn and grow and has been 100% worth it! Looking forward to what 2017 brings!

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    December 31st at 8:59am
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    9 of my favourite albums of 2016


    19 days ago


    19 days ago
    I love all these albums brother!!!
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  • dbetts

    December 26th at 8:14am
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  • dbetts

    December 26th at 8:13am
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  • dbetts

    December 14th at 7:02am
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    🤔 is my dog stealing my baby or my baby stealing my dog...


    27 days ago


    1 month ago
    BFF's forever
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  • dbetts

    December 9th at 11:56am
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  • dbetts

    December 9th at 11:32am
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  • dbetts

    December 9th at 9:50am
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  • dbetts

    November 17th at 11:59am
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    @bafergusonguitars builds incredible guitars!! This is definitely a favourite in my collection. #loveishandmade


    1 month ago
    so cute 💙
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  • dbetts

    November 6th at 9:17am
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    It's been ages but finally found some time to start fixing and getting this guitar together

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