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  • degreenbeansoup

    July 21st at 7:17am
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    Great carbonara @sun_ray_cafe 😄 #sunray15


    6 months ago


    8 months ago
    Hi Green Bean Soup, you hv been selected as the winner for our #sunray15 challenge. Congrats! Pls pm us your email and we will send over a voucher for your 15% discount :) Thank you for visiting us and hope to seeya soon!
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  • degreenbeansoup

    August 21st at 4:31pm
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    Neo the Spanish purebred stallion
    Date of birth : 2007
    Origin: Australia



    2 years ago
    @im_babyu nice👍
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  • degreenbeansoup

    August 21st at 4:29pm
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  • degreenbeansoup

    July 15th at 11:40am
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    #Repost from @alexytsiow with @repostapp

  • degreenbeansoup

    July 3rd at 2:01pm
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    Another kind lady! Thanks to my colleague Agnes who heard me coughing near the pantry this morning and knocked on my room later to pass me some honey sweets which are specially made for soothing coughs and sore throats.

  • degreenbeansoup

    July 3rd at 1:56pm
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    Foodcourt 6 Auntie 牧丹 heard my hoarse voice this morning when I bought beehoon from her and she quickly made me this herbal drink out of concern. This drink is really soothing to the throat and it tastes good too! I am really grateful to be surrounded by such thoughtful and kind people.

  • degreenbeansoup

    July 3rd at 1:49pm
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    Found this Dark Chocolate Bar wedged between two Ring File Folders just now.

    It must be at least 6 months since I have last seen it. But I can't remember who was the kind soul who gave it to me.

    I need to take a pic and caption of the gifts I am blessed with next time.

  • degreenbeansoup

    June 10th at 5:55am
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    Live questions to the panel using #PigeonHole #echelon2014

  • degreenbeansoup

    June 10th at 5:23am
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    E-Commerce platforms globally. How many are new to you? #echelon2014 Many of them are new to me. Gonna explore them later

  • degreenbeansoup

    June 10th at 5:12am
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    Roger Egan CEO of #Redmart up next #echelon2014

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