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    February 23rd at 11:34pm
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    My parents were very kind and brought me home this great gift from Hawaii. #CaffeineCult

  • devrandom

    January 15th at 3:52am
    14 1

    Time flies!


    2 months ago
    Happy birthday to the lil ones!
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  • devrandom

    January 7th at 12:01am
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    Great coffee mug I got from my in-laws for Christmas.

  • devrandom

    January 1st at 7:29pm
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    Happy New Year from Jakob, Abigail, Andrea and I!

  • devrandom

    December 18th at 9:02pm
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    Not bad for their first time meeting Santa Claus!

  • devrandom

    December 11th at 10:28pm
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    Mealtimes with my family… where getting messy is like scoring a goal…

  • devrandom

    December 5th at 12:56am
    12 1

    All dressed up and ready to meet Santa!

    What gorgeous kids
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  • devrandom

    November 25th at 10:43pm
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    I can't believe the cat let her get this close…

  • devrandom

    November 2nd at 8:13pm
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    These kids… 😂

  • devrandom

    September 28th at 4:21pm
    13 3

    Love these kids so much!!!


    5 months ago
    Goilers! 💪


    6 months ago
    They really are cute and I'm not just saying that because their mom is totally awesome! Also I got them a little present today :)
    Omg they are so cute @devrandom
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