Diane Vaubell-Rott @dianev_r

Trying to capture our World's beauty and the moments I don't want to forget. Jozi, South Africa

  • dianev_r

    January 18th at 6:42pm
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    A stroll on the beach #latergram

  • dianev_r

    January 18th at 6:22pm
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    Hope your day is as bright as your smile #latergram

  • dianev_r

    January 14th at 6:34pm
    13 1

    Some #Snapchat fun.


    6 days ago
    Love it!
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  • dianev_r

    January 9th at 4:11pm
    11 1

    Snail window races #snails


    12 days ago
    Cute faces!
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  • dianev_r

    January 9th at 4:03pm
    12 0

    The kids have been rounding up snails 🐌 #snails

  • dianev_r

    January 6th at 2:59pm
    15 0

    Water drops

  • dianev_r

    January 6th at 2:28pm
    13 0

    Kneading homemade play dough, using up old wax crayons for colour.

  • dianev_r

    January 6th at 2:27pm
    12 1

    Today was a kitchen day.


    15 days ago
    Making a chocolate cake 🎂
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  • dianev_r

    January 4th at 6:35pm
    17 0

    #Caterpillar 🐛 love ❤️

  • dianev_r

    January 4th at 5:56pm
    8 0

    Latergram selfies. Bean's hair chalk has washed out, now to try the other colours...

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