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Husband, Dad, Buddy to dogs everywhere. Software Engineer @life.church

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    January 23rd at 5:53am
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    Has it ever seemed that everyone around you can feel God's presence but you just don't? I know it has for me. Pastor Craig had some insightful reasons why in this weekend's message. Check it out live at http://go2.lc/k9uj or on demand in the Life.Church app

  • diemer

    January 17th at 6:23pm
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  • diemer

    January 10th at 8:46pm
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    A bonus of working from home today: catching the dog turning an IKEA bag into a bed


    13 days ago
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  • diemer

    January 9th at 3:13pm
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    Man I can't recommend the @geekpriests podcast enough. @frmmoore and co. are killing it


    15 days ago
    You're a sweetheart, Dan!
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  • diemer

    January 6th at 7:06am

    I love that we started our work day today with encouragement, vision, and worship. Staff meetings have never been this cool!


    18 days ago
    I beg to differ 😂
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  • diemer

    December 28th at 5:18pm
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    Love this pup


    26 days ago
    Me too❤
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  • diemer

    December 26th at 4:30am
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    After a wonderful Christmas with my family, @hulkmommy and I are rounding out the evening with It's A Wonderful Life


    28 days ago
    Best Christmas movie.


    29 days ago
    Perfect @diemer , we watched it this afternoon also. Cause it is
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  • diemer

    December 25th at 6:53pm
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    Looks like @hedwigvonschnitzelpants is all tuckered out from a morning of Christmas magic #diemerxmas

  • diemer

    December 25th at 12:15am
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    Starting to get foggy out here. Hope Rudolph has his nose ready

  • diemer

    December 24th at 1:08am

    Change of Plans

    You don’t have to understand the plan to trust God has a purpose. #lcchristmas


    18 days ago
    Great photo!
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