Daniel Perez @dperez82

  • dperez82

    February 25th at 9:27pm
    21 2

    Chloe is ready for Mardi Gras!


    13 hours ago
    @ngarcia5881 hi, long time no see!! Hope everything is going well!


    14 hours ago
    Hi Danny this is Jaimie's mom. Hope all is well
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  • dperez82

    February 24th at 11:50pm
    26 3

    Chloe enjoying a nice swing in this beautiful weather ☀️


    2 days ago
    Hi pretty girl!!!


    2 days ago
    @serendipity20 😂 fixed :)


    2 days ago
    Penny? Wrong child lol 😂
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  • dperez82

    February 16th at 1:07am

    Chloe taking her walker for a little stroll :)

  • dperez82

    February 10th at 6:00pm
    22 1

    Chloe on the move!


    16 days ago
    Helmet and baby proofing everything time
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  • dperez82

    February 8th at 4:28am
    15 0

    "Nope! Daddy I'm not ready for bed yet!"

  • dperez82

    February 7th at 2:42am
    13 0

    Chloe made it to her destination!

  • dperez82

    February 7th at 2:41am
    22 0

    Chloe taking her first assisted steps :)

  • dperez82

    February 6th at 2:12am
    25 0

    Super Bowl Party at the Perez Home!

  • dperez82

    February 5th at 5:44am
    20 0

    Cousins having fun jumping!

  • dperez82

    February 5th at 5:13am

    Out celebrating Patricia's birthday with my princess :)

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