Oscar Cortez @drastudio


Designer, illustrator and educator creating hand-drawn goodness in sunny FL.

  • drastudio

    January 18th at 8:59pm

    Some Florida love to hide in a friend's mail. It started out as #watercolor but turned out different, with a bit of #acrylic added.


    16 hours ago
    Very Nice! 🏀🏀👍
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  • drastudio

    January 18th at 6:34pm
    27 1

    A quick little Mickey and RPC floral watercolor to sneak into a box for a friend #Disney #Mickey #watercolor


    12 hours ago
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  • drastudio

    January 17th at 6:22am
    20 0

    It's a tad rough but thanks to the all mighty dremel, my iPhone is fighting for the rebellion again as FN2187. Thanks @thejoeycortez and @audreyscleverusername for the practice and tools! 🛠⚙️🗜

  • drastudio

    January 16th at 3:10am

    Sometimes there is nothing more rejuvenating to my soul than a barefoot hike through the woods 👣

  • drastudio

    January 14th at 6:45am
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    Just put a matte screen on my iPad Pro and oh the toothy drawing goodness!

  • drastudio

    January 13th at 5:43pm
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    Not sure if anyone else does it, but Step 1 of new acrylics for me is to paint the lids so I can easily take inventory and select a color


    6 days ago


    6 days ago
    This is genius. Never thought of it!
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  • drastudio

    January 2nd at 2:04am
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    I've got all kinds of goodness planned for 2017. Here's to soaking out the past for a clean fresh start toward the future 🐌🦄

  • drastudio

    December 29th at 7:50am
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    And now for something completely different, ie playing with new #Crayola markers from @chubb0rz. It's 15 x 20 inches if anyone need something funky to hang on a wall 🤓


    21 days ago
    Looks good, @drastudio It's always fun & challenging to switch up mediums & play with new tools!
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  • drastudio

    December 27th at 4:06pm
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    Guess who awoke from his cocoon last night! Low poly Goober is on the 3D prowl!

  • drastudio

    December 27th at 3:30am
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    Oh man! @thejoeycortez got a 3D printer for Christmas so of course he, @chubb0rz and I spent the day finding all the things to make. Currently on deck: Monster fun!

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