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Academic, theologian, Apple geek, @drfluellen. Fan of cats and coffee. Husband to the fantabulous Emily (@viola_illyria).

  • drfluellen

    May 24th at 5:22am
    12 1

    New furniture covers, new cat configurations.


    8 months ago
    Looks good.
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  • drfluellen

    November 19th at 4:21am
    10 0

    If I see farther, it is because I stand I the shoulders of giants. - Academicat

  • drfluellen

    November 13th at 3:36pm
    6 0

    Patiently waiting for turn at Cat TV.

  • drfluellen

    July 11th at 5:49am
    2 0

    A cat with the right idea. Good night!

  • drfluellen

    March 23rd at 6:39pm

    Pre-movie tea!

  • drfluellen

    May 26th at 5:19am
    3 0

    My sunbeams are mine. Yours are negotiable.

  • drfluellen

    January 26th at 8:08pm
    2 0

    Big Ben's Pub = happy Emily

  • drfluellen

    December 25th at 11:57pm
    2 0

    What is this Christmas of which you speak?

  • drfluellen

    October 30th at 4:42am

    Emily's birthday flowers

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