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  • drperko

    March 12th at 11:01pm

    Enjoyed hiking around Wind Wolves Preserve today. Sure is a nice, easy getaway just outside Bakersfield.


    10 days ago
    great seeing you!


    10 days ago
    Any wildflowers?
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  • drperko

    March 6th at 1:22am
    9 0

    Baltika Porter. All the way from St. Petersburg, Russia.
    And just in case the NSA is scouring the internet for the word "Russia", I categorically deny ever meeting with a Russian Ambassador in order to option this beer.

  • drperko

    February 26th at 1:55am

    Chicken & waffle bites, sweet potato fries, and a Campfire Stout. Great way to refill the burned up calories after today's hike.

  • drperko

    February 26th at 12:04am

    7 mile round trip hike to Parker Mesa Overlook. That's the Santa Monica Beach and Palos Verdes peninsula way off in the distance.

  • drperko

    January 8th at 4:07pm

    Between storms.


    2 months ago
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  • drperko

    December 23rd at 7:02pm

    On my way to Ridgecrest this morning and encountered something I have never seen: fog ... in the desert.


    3 months ago
    I've seen it really thick a few times in the high desert in Arizona… Just east of Kingman on the I 40 it'll get pretty bad in the winter. Pretty eerie looking
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  • drperko

    November 6th at 10:42pm
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    Late morning bike ride, now a lazy Sunday afternoon watching Chargers football accompanied by a nice little Firestone Velvet Merlin to keep me company, while a pot of homemade Pasta e Fagioli soup simmers on the stove for after the game. Good Sunday.

  • drperko

    June 14th at 6:50pm
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    Didn't even remember that today is Flag Day, but the Boys Scouts in our neighborhood came up with a great fundraiser where they place a flag in our front lawn on national holidays. Nice to see the street lined with flags this morning.

  • drperko

    April 23rd at 10:28pm

    Kayaking Day

  • drperko

    November 11th at 3:56pm
    16 1

    Great chance to win @tbahama #tbtouchdownpromo Go Chargers!


    1 year ago
    Great pictures!
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