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  • dshelley08

    December 9th at 2:52am
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    Here's to an awesome 2017

  • dshelley08

    December 8th at 11:06pm
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    This pink bird is my spirit animal lol

  • dshelley08

    December 8th at 7:04pm
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    2008 / 2016


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  • dshelley08

    December 5th at 8:57pm
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    #mcm McDonald crush Monday! Lol. So thankful for my second momma, she always knows when I need her and even when I don't. I miss you so much! 😭😭😭@nerakmcd

  • dshelley08

    December 5th at 2:24pm
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    This made me laugh so hard. I thinks it's Cam and Sherman's faces. Lol

  • dshelley08

    December 5th at 1:05pm
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    Happy Monday!!!

  • dshelley08

    December 5th at 11:59am
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    Song that's giving me all the feels this morning. #staind #everythingchanges

  • dshelley08

    December 1st at 8:49am
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    So true.

  • dshelley08

    December 1st at 7:43am
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    My heart breaks for the family, friends and brothers/sisters in blue - this one definitely hits a little too close to home. As for the responders stilling hunting for the suspect - have no mercy. Rest In Peace brother. You will not be forgotten. End of watch: November 30, 2016.

  • dshelley08

    November 26th at 11:19am
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