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  • ejdrouillard

    January 17th at 1:56pm
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    Happy 16 year anniversary, Onion story.


    2 days ago
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  • ejdrouillard

    January 17th at 1:50pm
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  • ejdrouillard

    January 15th at 11:13pm
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    Highly recommend the game "Inside" if you want your dreams haunted forever.


    3 days ago
    @christiepipkin ha from the looks of it, I don't know if I could handle that!


    4 days ago
    My husband said the game outlast was worst. Have you played that one?
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  • ejdrouillard

    January 15th at 12:20am
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    Christmas doggy onesie sale, you say?

  • ejdrouillard

    January 11th at 4:05pm

    Do yourself a favor and YouTube "Obama 2012 Closing Remarks" and watch that top hit. Sometimes when I want to get pumped up I watch the video where Bill Burr takes on a stadium full of hecklers or Ben Wallace block compilations or, yeah, listen to a little "Lose Yourself". But more often than not lately, I watch this, the moment the 2012 election was over. A free country where everyone gets a shot, imagine that. #thx

    Too nice

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    7 days ago
    Lovely post


    7 days ago


    7 days ago
    This is great 😁


    7 days ago
    Keep it up! You got a fan.... 👏


    8 days ago
    "A free country where everyone gets a shot." ❤🙏🏽 #adreamioncehad


    8 days ago
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  • ejdrouillard

    January 7th at 7:51pm
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    s/o to Apple for the impeccable likeness of my wife! Thanks for the love guys!


    12 days ago
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  • ejdrouillard

    January 7th at 1:18pm
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    She's gettin ripped.

  • ejdrouillard

    January 5th at 4:57pm
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    Chilling with my beautiful new niece (2 years ago).

  • ejdrouillard

    January 4th at 3:34pm

    Guarding us from her reflection. #postvacationmess

  • ejdrouillard

    January 2nd at 3:55am
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    Take me to the alternate universe where Stella is going into season 12

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