Eric Steigerwald @ericsteigerwald

I have a dog.

  • ericsteigerwald

    January 15th at 5:46pm
    19 1

    "Thanks, Meg."


    4 days ago
    Man, he looks old.
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  • ericsteigerwald

    January 4th at 5:19am
    23 0

    My nephew @cpsteig is freaking Picasso. Also, his sticker placement is flawless.

  • ericsteigerwald

    January 1st at 5:05pm
    38 0

    11 years old and not even a little bit weird. Happy Birthday, dog.

  • ericsteigerwald

    December 28th at 2:46pm
    69 1

    Four years later and Megan somehow looks even better.


    21 days ago
    Happy Anniversary!
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  • ericsteigerwald

    December 25th at 7:59pm
    52 2

    "This is good you guys."


    25 days ago
    Love you guys β€πŸŽ„


    25 days ago
    Love that fireplace.
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  • ericsteigerwald

    December 19th at 2:19am

    The Cleveland Orchestra, undefeated since 1918. #cityofchampions

  • ericsteigerwald

    December 9th at 3:51am
    60 2

    The old man and the tree.


    1 month ago
    The only thing missing in this picture is a million toys sprawled out and Keegan's duck. Next year πŸΆβœ¨πŸ‘ΆπŸ»


    1 month ago
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  • ericsteigerwald

    November 27th at 9:56pm
    44 0

    "Sure thing, Eric."

  • ericsteigerwald

    November 20th at 3:10am
    47 3

    Our happy place.


    2 months ago


    2 months ago
    I'm so bummed I couldn't make it today! I miss you and love you all!!


    2 months ago
    You are all so wonderful!
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  • ericsteigerwald

    November 15th at 9:28pm
    22 0

    There are 5 public libraries in Ann Arbor. In one of them @stephen.markley's book may or may not have his cell number slipped into the back. Feel free to send him a text and ask him his thoughts on things.

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