Lisa Barbour @essielisa

I love Jesus, people, trees, intelligent conversation, music, trivia, truth, life, friends, competitive reality shows, & you. Peace out......

  • essielisa

    September 21st at 5:06am
    17 0


  • essielisa

    September 5th at 4:33am
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    Happy day!

  • essielisa

    September 5th at 4:32am
    8 0

    Wedding day

  • essielisa

    September 5th at 4:30am
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  • essielisa

    September 5th at 4:28am
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    It's a girl!!

  • essielisa

    August 25th at 10:41pm
    10 0


  • essielisa

    April 19th at 12:18am
    16 3


    6 months ago
    Yes love this. Get again!!!


    10 months ago
    Looks great!


    10 months ago
    Love it. Looks awesome
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  • essielisa

    March 15th at 3:24am
    9 0

    My baby has a baby! My sweethearts!

  • essielisa

    January 3rd at 3:13am
    14 0

    Mommy/daughter-same dress

  • essielisa

    August 1st at 6:42am
    10 1

    The best cupcake maker ever and her hubs. They own the best cupcake shop "Ultimate Cupcakes" and they personally delivered them to me while I was in Dallas!!


    2 years ago
    It was our pleasure, Lisa :)
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