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    April 21st at 2:26pm

    Out on a walk, enjoying the absurdly beautiful day 😌

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    April 2nd at 8:27pm
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    #patterns #mosaic #tiles

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    April 2nd at 5:48pm

    Lismore lies in the Blackwater valley, at the southern foot of the Knockmealdown Mountains. A monastery was founded here by St. Cartagh in 633. In the 9th and 10th centuries it was plundered by the Norsemen. Lismore Castle was erected by Prince John (later king of England) in 1185.

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    April 2nd at 5:38pm

    Weekly Farmers Market at the Castle entrance today. Free smells from the food vendors. ☺️

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    April 2nd at 4:31pm

    This and my previous photo were taken here, on the Owenashad Riberside Woodland Walk. It's beautiful.

  • evansims

    April 2nd at 4:12pm

    My favorite 📖 spot, with a view of the castle and the River Owenashad ☺️


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    This isn't real. You made this up.
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  • evansims

    April 2nd at 4:02pm

    Just down from the Cathedral is Lismore Castle - built in 1185 by Prince John on the site originally occupied by Lismore Abbey, a monastery and important seat of learning established in the early 7th century. It remains the home of the Duke of Devonshire.

  • evansims

    April 2nd at 3:35pm

    Deanery Hill leads up to the Cathedral. It's a good workout for your calves! 😀💦

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    April 2nd at 3:20pm

    This is Saint Carthage's Cathedral, which I'm lucky enough to live next door to. The original Cathedral burned down in the 17th century, but was reconstructed in 1663. It's surrounded by a immaculate cemetery grounds that are serene to walk through.

  • evansims

    April 2nd at 2:59pm

    Who wants to join me on a 🏃 around town today? I'll take some shots of my ❤️spots ☺️

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