πŸŽ€ m e o w πŸŽ€ artistic soul 🎨 everything is an adventure🎈

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    September 22nd at 6:05pm
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    πŸ“š #bookrecommendation "everything, everything" by Nicola Yoon

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    September 11th at 6:53pm
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    August 23rd at 9:44am
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    πŸŽ€ Paris πŸŽ€

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    August 23rd at 9:42am
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    Tokyo and Paris sleeping together dbsbfbsnjsgfjska πŸŽ€

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    August 23rd at 9:38am
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    Paris is such a sweet bb <33333

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    May 21st at 8:18am
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    #Toucan !

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    May 21st at 8:17am
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    Watched #sharks getting fed on Tuesday

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    May 21st at 7:53am
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    Throwback to last year's birthday! #haventpostedinacentury #hi #ihavesupershorthairnow #tears

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    January 4th at 5:16am
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    HEY GUYS! I made an art Instagram 🎨
    you can follow me on my artistic journey there: @shohje
    I'll be mostly posting on that, so I'll see you there!

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