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  • finchfm_

    October 15th at 11:06pm
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    Channelling my inner Leslie Knope and feeling pretty happy about it

  • finchfm_

    September 30th at 9:33pm
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    As a treat to myself, I couldn't resist Margaret Atwood's #angelcatbird ❤️👍🏼

  • finchfm_

    September 27th at 12:11pm
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    Also, big thanks to @grantabooks for a copy of #virginandotherstories!

  • finchfm_

    September 27th at 12:09pm
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    My copy of #KnownAndStrangeThings just arrived and I'm very excited. Ordered a copy of the US paperback because it's so pretty. Not that the UK hardback isn't! (I might buy that one too 😇)

  • finchfm_

    September 26th at 9:47am
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    This is Gomez's finest "why haven't you turned the rain off?" face.

  • finchfm_

    September 20th at 7:35pm
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    Could I be more excited? Probably not. #TheGoodImmigrant

  • finchfm_

    September 18th at 6:26pm

    Spending my evening watching #TheManWhoFellToEarth ❤️

  • finchfm_

    September 12th at 11:52pm
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    Bought this months ago, finally getting round to it. Boy oh boy is the prose something special.

  • finchfm_

    September 11th at 6:26pm
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    I'd been eyeing up the hardback of this, & after seeing @savidgereads talk about decided I'd pick up the paperback. Not bad so far!


    1 month ago
    @savidgereads you were right about the first one not being great, but it certainly has picked up.


    1 month ago
    I will get to it in due course.
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