Nate Dougherty @fireball0093

  • fireball0093

    April 10th at 11:00pm
    9 1

    Such an adorable kitty.


    1 month ago
    Er meh gerd 🐱🐱🐱🐱
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  • fireball0093

    April 9th at 10:58pm

    Start at Comet, your journey begins there. Travel up stream, and then you'll be there (and also don't forget to share). #stripytherock #scavengerhunt

  • fireball0093

    April 8th at 9:18pm
    3 0

    A little bit of Chelsea Grin's set. Fantastic live

  • fireball0093

    December 18th at 12:38am
    4 0

    Meet Peppy. She is Luna's kitten, that looks and behaves almost exactly like her Aunt Pepper which is why I decided to name her in honor of her Aunt.

  • fireball0093

    December 18th at 12:31am
    6 0

    She's a sleepy kitty right now

  • fireball0093

    August 15th at 4:38pm
    6 1

    Snagged this shot a little bit ago. Didn't mean for it to get blurred from my windshield (stopped of course!) But it added a pretty awesome effect


    6 months ago
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  • fireball0093

    July 5th at 4:16am
    0 0

    Love my hair.

  • fireball0093

    June 29th at 6:01am
    7 0

    Meet Charlie Jr, the newest kitten in the family. At least I'm gonna call him that, no matter what my mum decides to call him. :p

  • fireball0093

    June 20th at 6:02am
    4 0

    I'm gonna keep my long hair forever.

  • fireball0093

    June 19th at 12:03am
    8 0

    Lost a dear pet tonight. She was the friendliest cat I've ever had the pleasure of owning. R.I.P Pepper.

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