Jeanne Boyle @fotohog

For whatever we lose, like a you or a me, it is always ourselves we find at the sea.

  • fotohog

    January 23rd at 3:21pm
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    My Yin and Yang.

  • fotohog

    January 21st at 8:17pm
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    Almost 🌸🌸🌸🌸

  • fotohog

    January 21st at 8:15pm
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    Up, up, up

  • fotohog

    January 21st at 8:14pm
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    ☔️ day here in NC

  • fotohog

    January 20th at 1:50am
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    North Carolina is on 🔥 again, and I like it!

  • fotohog

    January 20th at 1:29am
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    Cranberry#kombucha always has the best bubbles

  • fotohog

    January 20th at 1:20am
    40 4

    FYI I want this house. No, it is not for sale.


    3 days ago
    Looks like a split foyer conversion to a cape.


    4 days ago
    Wow love that porch on second floor


    4 days ago
    @Carringtonk I was gonna say that!!


    4 days ago
    those steps!
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  • fotohog

    January 18th at 11:50pm
    22 2

    Primroses in honor of my Nonnie.


    4 days ago
    Wonderful :)


    4 days ago
    Love this!
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  • fotohog

    January 18th at 5:58pm
    24 0

    These guys elude me every day! Look at them swimming there, mocking me! Only seconds ago they were sun bathing on a rock

  • fotohog

    January 18th at 5:52pm
    34 2

    The color of Fergus fur is known as dead grass, and it's never been more prevalent than now. #chessiesofinstagram #chessielove


    5 days ago
    Better than dead ass ( as my 92 yr old g-ma would say )


    5 days ago
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