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    October 21st at 1:28pm
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    @mtalipova kicking my ass this week. Been working that overhead stability and squat death a ton. I feel like it is paying off for sure! #garagegym #lunchboxfitness #getitdone

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    October 19th at 6:26pm

    I felt a great sense of independence and freedom when voting today. As I was standing in line waiting I observed all of the people - they were being so friendly, polite and seemed excited. I tried to take this in and understand why I felt so overwhelmed with this freedom and independence. I think I felt this way because I am voting for a vision that will embody my beliefs of equality and freedom. As a successful, strong woman I made it a point to vote for a future I think anyone and everyone deserves. To think something like that is even a question is something I will not put up with. Get out and vote folks! #imwithher

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    October 17th at 2:11pm
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    Oh man. Peeled myself out of bed and got into some gymnastics stuff this morning. No music, no people. Training alone in the early morning definitely reveals a new set of internal doubts and negative thoughts but learning to let those thoughts evaporate and just be in the moment. #garagegym #lunchboxfitness

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    October 13th at 2:04am
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    Back to the basics. A lot of basics. Finally front squatting with no pulling pain in my back. 🙌 Still need to work on staying more upright in the bottom of the squat. That music helped with the tempo...... #lunchboxfitness #garagegym #progress #buttpleasegrow


    10 days ago
    @larby0221 💪💪


    10 days ago
    Those hashtags! #imwithyou #samegoals
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  • frashley

    October 11th at 7:13pm
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    Too excited to contain myself. My sister is coming to America! 6 years since she has been in the USA. I cannot wait to reminisce, hang out, show her around, and just BE. Unfortunately no brother in law, nieces or nephew this time around. It breaks my heart how hard it is to have loved ones that live so far away. Seriously, if you have a sister or brother or mom or dad near you, go hang out with them and give them the biggest hug ever.

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    October 11th at 1:07am
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    My day off consisted of a lot of stuff that hurts and makes me feel really uncomfortable. Wouldn't have it any other way! #lunchboxfitness #strongfit

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    October 9th at 8:43pm
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    Finally got a hold of a barbell again. Love being back home, breaking a sweat and getting to hang out with @mtalipova! #garagegym #lunchboxfitness


    12 days ago
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  • frashley

    October 8th at 5:06pm
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    Home! 🏡

  • frashley

    October 8th at 1:26am

    Getting in a few sites before the plane ride home. What an amazing week in San Francisco! I am truly so lucky to have a job that's lets me do this and work with such great folks.

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