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    October 22nd at 4:41am
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    Never lose that child like wonder. Never stop learning, growing and challenging yourself💪💪💪 #drseussquotes #drseuss

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    October 17th at 6:24pm
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    🐟🐟🐟 #toddlerlife#childcareactivity


    3 days ago
    @fyen_mrsng hahahha won't last long.... what to do? Paling gobi hu br bs survive. Ikan bawa plg goreng LOL


    3 days ago
    @7porcupine after tat, wa blg ke gurunya. Do not bring anything home, esp yg idup kek ikan kek gini.


    3 days ago
    @7porcupine ada, kmrn diobok2 ama sky, sidney n bradley ahahha. Bbrp ari kmdian para ikan pulang ke rumah sang pencipta 😓


    4 days ago
    Ada bawa ikan plg boh?
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  • fyen_mrsng

    October 16th at 2:53pm
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    Future is uncertain. Do it now or never!

  • fyen_mrsng

    October 16th at 7:13am
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    Lil helper who going to sleep soon😂😂😂 @dz__ng


    18 hours ago
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    6 days ago
    Tadi sempet kirain Sky waktu kecil loh hahahhaha... lucu kali Iclyyyynnnnn....


    6 days ago
    Hahaaha adu adu ane chubiiii. Itu sebenernya uda ngantuk berat ya 😂😂😂


    6 days ago
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  • fyen_mrsng

    October 16th at 4:44am
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    A video to show him whenever he refuse to take his meds. After watching this he will take his meds immediately ( imitating himself from the video)👍👍👍


    5 days ago
    😂😂😂good boyy


    6 days ago
    Such a good boy sky! 👍🏻


    6 days ago
    @luannnhin flu, phlegm and cough syrup lol... Yes, they are a lot😓.The cutest thing when we told him to skip one of the meds, he cried and asked for it😂


    6 days ago
    What is he taking? Why so many? 😁


    6 days ago
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  • fyen_mrsng

    October 13th at 4:43am
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    ☔️☔️Rain rain...go away...
    come again another day...☔️☔️
    I hold my own umbrella ( actually this is mommy's one)
    I wear my jacket
    I carry my school bag
    I kiss meimei and tell her " koko school, see you"
    I stand up by myself when i slip on the slippery raining floor. It hurts but...
    Mommy just looks at me and smile.
    I didn't cry and I know No one will help me except myself.
    I stand up and tell mommy " wet wet"
    She hug me and say "no worry, we r going to change your wet pants later"
    -Sky Ng- 13.10.16 *************
    "Let your children learn and unlearn on their own...
    Let them fall and stand up on their own" - Falak Randerian
    This is our parenting style. We try to teach our kids independent. A lot of people or parents don't like it cause they think it is too early to discipline them. We need to pamper them cause they r still young and kids.
    I ever being scolded by one aunty inside shopping mall. Sky felt down ( he only 1 yr plus ) and I didn't help him at all.I smiled and looked at him" are you ok?"
    Sky looked at me and asked for help
    I refused and asked him to get up by his own

    Suddenly one Aunty looked at me angrily and told me
    " what kind of mommy you are! You should help him. Watch him n dont let him fall down. Why you didnt help him up? Young parents really dont know how to take care their child n bla bla bla..." Lol... I just don't care and watch sky stand up by himself and praise him on his small achievement ( and of course hug n check on his body to make sure he was ok)
    And told him it is ok to fall down due to his own mistake (running and being careless)
    Like what daddy told you" stand up from the place you fall down"



    9 days ago
    @aimeee.chen isi seragam 1 set, handuk, popok, sprei kecil , botol susu n susu hahahha. Keperluan satu hari di childcare😁


    9 days ago
    Fang tasnya kog penuh bangett


    9 days ago
    Bravo! 👏
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  • fyen_mrsng

    October 11th at 4:34am
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  • fyen_mrsng

    October 10th at 9:28am
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    Caption please😂 Happy Monday #efenel_babymodelsearch #igbabykids#babystoryapp


    12 days ago
    ppap! hehe..


    12 days ago
    Aduuuuu ini mamakkk yaaa 😂😂😂😂


    12 days ago
    Ane cutee, mirip sky ya 😘


    12 days ago
    Chubiiiiii 😂😂😂😂


    12 days ago
    Hahahah so cutee 😂😂
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  • fyen_mrsng

    October 10th at 2:59am
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    Happy Monday💤💤💤 😂

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