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    February 22nd at 12:51pm

    Nothing like a good ol' burger for a midweek marking break.


    4 hours ago
    you seem to never want to recover lol
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  • gbrlwng

    February 20th at 11:51am
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    Instead of greeting me or coming to rub against me when I got home, @rogerfurderer decided to just flop over and act cute instead. Maybe I really should rename him Garfield. #illtakeit

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    February 19th at 12:23pm a wildly large selection of starters for two people. #notso小菜

  • gbrlwng

    February 19th at 2:08am
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    Some of the people who pull me through the long days of lessons, marking and lesson prep.


    4 days ago
    Omg I didn't know I was in the photo 😰😰😰 and I look so dumb omg
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  • gbrlwng

    February 18th at 6:06am
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    Sad that I could only get to listen to them from backstage rather than watch from the front but it still sounded fantastic. #lovewsmb

  • gbrlwng

    February 17th at 2:34pm
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    Putting the sea in SEA Ceremony.

  • gbrlwng

    February 16th at 7:47am
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    Peas in a(n air) pod. #appleairpods


    6 days ago
    Why not @solrepublic amps air? Sound and isolation is better in my opinion
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  • gbrlwng

    February 15th at 10:45am

    You know it's been a long, tiring day at school when we (okay, I) got excited by seeing all our alma maters on the same list. Also, I'm terrible at pointing, apparently.


    7 days ago
    Cresent girls eh ? ;)
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  • gbrlwng

    February 14th at 3:14pm

    Nothing like pizza (and my favorite cinnamon bread) to provide a brief respite from lesson planning and script marking.

  • gbrlwng

    February 11th at 2:50pm

    *cries in Korean*

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