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    March 24th at 4:59am
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    We went to Lilian's school's art show today. I made her pose next to her art work lol.


    2 days ago
    Next Picasso
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    March 24th at 4:07am
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    They let me put a love line in my daughters yearbook but I want it to be a surprise and I know Lilian will peek so I had to officially seal that shit. I wrote a note on the back with my explanation for it too lol 😊

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    March 15th at 8:16pm
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    Little piggy. @razalassiriso didn't event tell me this picture existed!


    10 days ago
    Pretty sweet :)
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    March 15th at 6:21am
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    My little ducky 😩😭 I'm miss her tiny self. She has the frickin attitude of a teenager now.

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    March 15th at 6:20am
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    Rummaging through told photos and videos #sheisweird #princess #lilian

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    March 14th at 8:32am
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    I was looking through old photos and found this one lol #lilivanili #princess #weirdo


    12 days ago
    Hay Liliiiii
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  • genibizzle

    March 12th at 2:39am
    19 0

    Oh she it! Gettin down.

  • genibizzle

    March 11th at 8:55pm
    8 0

    The candle my love made with me lol

  • genibizzle

    February 15th at 3:02am
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    Potato photo bomb. My valentine's day gift! I loooove it! #grandcanyon #camping #vanlentinesday

  • genibizzle

    February 9th at 4:15am
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    My mom has literally said this before lol and I have literally gasped like Kermit lol 😂 @wendyy.m


    1 month ago
    My mom too!! lol I would take it out last minute if she called me and prayed it would thaw out immediately lol @genibizzle


    1 month ago
    Lmao or when she calls to say she's almost home and you didn't take it out the freezer 😂😂😂
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