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  • gjhead

    February 24th at 12:04am
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    today i got an 8 Track tape in the mail.

  • gjhead

    February 23rd at 2:08am
    9 0

    someone had a ruff afternoon at the office!

  • gjhead

    February 22nd at 10:54pm
    10 0
  • gjhead

    February 22nd at 8:11pm
    22 3

    Tucker is back to being an office dog again.


    2 days ago
    🔥Самое лучшее!!!


    4 days ago
    HEY! That's not my desk. Play nice.


    4 days ago
    Is that @seedoor's bulk tp?
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  • gjhead

    February 22nd at 7:57pm
    15 1


    4 days ago
    My second home. I've taken many a-photo from that exact spot.
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  • gjhead

    February 22nd at 2:12am
    11 0
  • gjhead

    February 19th at 6:00pm
    20 1


    7 days ago
    Tucker's eyebrow game is strong today!
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  • gjhead

    February 18th at 9:22pm
    12 1


    8 days ago
    So many Profanatica songs right here.
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  • gjhead

    February 18th at 4:53am
    3 0


  • gjhead

    February 18th at 4:06am

    taphos nomos

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