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I'm the reason Olive Garden has a drink limit.

  • glenyrd

    December 9th at 6:11am
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    Best management team in the district.

  • glenyrd

    May 21st at 4:33am

    I'm back baby.

  • glenyrd

    May 18th at 8:12pm
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  • glenyrd

    May 17th at 4:44am
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    I've been grilling like a damn champ this week.

  • glenyrd

    May 16th at 9:27pm
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  • glenyrd

    May 16th at 3:54am

    Home ❤️


    1 year ago
    Gotta love the TN River and this beautiful TN land! So happy I live here and call this place my home. 😍
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  • glenyrd

    May 16th at 1:54am

    Boat day success.

  • glenyrd

    May 14th at 5:38pm
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    Last night's dinner becomes this morning's breakfast.

  • glenyrd

    May 14th at 3:14am
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    Me & Bae ❤️

  • glenyrd

    May 14th at 2:51am
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    These mushrooms and onions might have been better than the steak. Might.

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