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  • gregmuzak

    March 4th at 6:53pm
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    Proud of Claire for winning this award. Not proud of her school for spelling Responsibility wrong.


    23 days ago
    You had one job... anyway, way to go Claire!
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  • gregmuzak

    January 3rd at 5:51pm

    Hanging with the Claire bear in the Opryland hotel.

  • gregmuzak

    December 9th at 3:30am
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    Claire ran her first 5k this past weekend and placed 15th in a field of 258. This kiddo always amazes me.


    3 months ago
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  • gregmuzak

    December 3rd at 3:53pm
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    Claire is running her first 5k this morning. It is freezing but she is hyped up anyway.

  • gregmuzak

    November 27th at 3:29am
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    Mac and cheese, pineapple, corn. This was Claire's thanksgiving dinner. #itwasallyellow

  • gregmuzak

    October 25th at 4:20am
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    Engineering a tracking session for the new Adam Whipple record. Epic fun.

  • gregmuzak

    October 23rd at 3:20am
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    Jessica has an amazing way of making things feel like home. Pumpkins and mums and colder weather make me happy.

  • gregmuzak

    October 13th at 11:32pm

    Early beachside dinner with my two favorite girls. (Connor is here too, just not in the photo)

  • gregmuzak

    October 13th at 4:24pm

    Seaside selfie

  • gregmuzak

    October 13th at 4:23pm

    Beach buddies

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