Reuven Fischer @gruven_reuven

  • gruven_reuven

    January 15th at 3:54am
    25 1

    Lost to my honey on tie-break. Rematch! #sanssouci


    5 days ago
    Rematch... lost that too
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  • gruven_reuven

    January 9th at 3:39am
    15 0

    Among the fields

  • gruven_reuven

    December 31st at 5:30pm
    21 0

    So frickin' close!!! One card away. Stupid Nightmare! #onirim

  • gruven_reuven

    December 28th at 3:48pm
    27 3

    Seen while walking the dog. I need to pick one of these up. Awesome


    18 days ago
    It should be all over the world


    23 days ago
    Walk the dog and find out!
    Where was that
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  • gruven_reuven

    December 28th at 3:02pm
    16 0

    Doesn't get better than this...nice quiet evening

  • gruven_reuven

    December 26th at 3:24pm
    17 2

    Beautiful Christmas Day game of Inis yesterday


    25 days ago
    Was a little awkward the first couple of rounds until we got the hang of the card interactions. Be we both loved it. Cross between Kemet & Blood Rage


    25 days ago
    How is it?
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  • gruven_reuven

    December 19th at 4:52pm
    18 0

    ‪Another Kramer/Kiesling gem. Coal Barons. Was a big hit with my girlfriend ‬

  • gruven_reuven

    December 17th at 6:20pm
    20 0

    My first solo game of La Granja, No Siesta! Thumbs up.

  • gruven_reuven

    December 13th at 4:59am
    10 0

    So close! Would of won the next turn!!! #pandemiciberia

  • gruven_reuven

    December 11th at 2:19pm
    21 1

    This plus the 7x7 bonus was still not enough to win. My honey is a shark at #patchwork


    1 month ago
    Join the club -my daughter just beat me... twice... 😉
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