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  • gypsygirl13

    December 13th at 5:27am

    #ChocoBanana o banana na choco 😁 #Behrouz

  • gypsygirl13

    December 12th at 3:16am
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    1 month ago
    #sannee.pjx, may binebenta ko creeper size EU 41. brand new


    1 month ago
    Wannabe creepers lang, haha! 😄


    1 month ago
    Ganda naman ng pants! Naka-creeps ka ba? ☺
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  • gypsygirl13

    December 11th at 6:22pm
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    #Feelca B&W free today!
    Thanks #IDEAMP

  • gypsygirl13

    November 21st at 5:31pm
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    Midnight snack 🍫

  • gypsygirl13

    November 21st at 3:30am
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    My mom tells me there's no such things as monsters. But she is wrong. They're out there, waiting for you... watching. They are in the dark... Sometimes where you see them, sometimes when you don't. I know that now.



    2 months ago
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  • gypsygirl13

    November 20th at 5:56pm
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    I can't help looking out for clues while watching the film 🤓
    Excited for the next one 😊

    #Prisma #getturban

  • gypsygirl13

    November 15th at 12:02am
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    Picturan ko daw sya kasama yung moon

  • gypsygirl13

    November 13th at 5:12pm
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  • gypsygirl13

    November 7th at 2:01am
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    Woke up 1:46 am
    tapos P86 lang daw double burger sa #TropicalHut only for Nov. 07
    Happy tummy!!! Haha 🍔
    🗣bad trip, namali yung pindot. Na update tuloy 🖕🏼

  • gypsygirl13

    October 22nd at 4:43am
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    Took these guys to Timezone yesterday..... fun and tiresome 😄

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