Hakan Gustafsson @hakang

  • hakang

    December 18th at 10:32am
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    Too much water? ;-)

  • hakang

    December 18th at 10:28am
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    Travel makes you meet new people

  • hakang

    April 13th at 11:48pm
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    Would you drink ouzo with this woman?? ;-)

  • hakang

    April 11th at 12:53pm
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    Still don't "get it" with the filters of Instagram - I just ain't creative enough I suppose. Here I try at least


    4 years ago
    I like it. Where is it?
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  • hakang

    April 11th at 12:49pm
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    And the snow-covered mountains in the (far) background

  • hakang

    October 12th at 3:48pm
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    German expression