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    February 23rd at 11:17am
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    Who is the mystery silver-haired gent in the opening sequence of La La Land? He's a lot older than everyone else. It could be producer Marc Platt.

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    February 20th at 11:28pm
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    A treat of a surprise present which arrived in the post today. Somewhat forgotten now, but Melville made several French classics in the 50s and 60s.

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    February 17th at 5:48pm
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    In his 1973 book Small is Beautiful, economist EF Schumacher predicts the rise of social as well as small-group or 'hidden' social. And trolling. V interesting book.


    6 days ago
    Glad I've come across your profile! 💥
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  • handfacevideo

    January 31st at 5:52pm
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    Sunset from plane.

    Totally rocks!


    25 days ago
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  • handfacevideo

    January 20th at 2:15pm
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    Check out the list of companies here - high tech retro-style. Excited to get stuck into this book.

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    January 19th at 9:31am
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    The original yellow VW as used in Handface's Michel Gondry prize-winning 'Shining Sweded'

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    January 11th at 11:43pm
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    ...they noticed a huge ring around the moon. Almost as if...

  • handfacevideo

    January 10th at 7:16pm
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    For 42 years, they sat there and waited for signs of life. They sat and waited. Waited and sat.
    Then one day...

  • handfacevideo

    January 7th at 12:59pm
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    Still the reigning breakfast champion in the South East

  • handfacevideo

    January 5th at 2:52pm
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    Oxford St from inside the Dominion Theatre

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