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    January 14th at 11:50pm

    Dinner. Part of it. Red cabbage. By request. A variation on a family favourite.

  • hanspetermeyer

    January 14th at 12:45am

    Every once in a while I have a conversation that inspires me - and confirms what we're doing with LIFTย Comox Valley. That's what happened today with Nick Ward, over lunch at The White Whale. Nick is the kind of talent I want more of in our region. He's a serial entrepreneur who thinks BIGger, a guy from away who's investing himself and his family in the social, cultural, and economic future of the Comox Valley, specifically (but not limited to) Cumby. Watch for a LIFT Show & Tell with Nick later in 2017.
    Nick, thanks for the jobs and economic growth your entrepreneurial chutzpah is bringing to our community. Thanks for your supporting our work at LIFT, as a LIFT Ambassador subscriber.
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    2 days ago
    Nick is an amazing guy!
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    January 13th at 8:14pm

    Collecting prizes for our #WeAreYQQ Winter Party fun & games. Thanks to Chantelle at Courtenay Appliances for contributing cookbooks to the mix! Tickets to the event are by "suggested donation" at http://WeAreYQQParty.ca. You can also donate at the door at 7pm NIC Stan Hagen Theatre (the Dr. Sean Wise presentation), or at Prime Chophouseย at 8:30pm (our LIFT after party). Net proceeds go to Startup Comox Valley.
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    January 12th at 7:58pm

    LIFT is helping entrepreneurs grow their businesses in the Comox Valley - Campbell River region. Join us for our first 2017 BizOnDeck workshop, on January 18 at The White Whale. Annie Danko is pitching Wayward Kin Apparel. Paul Hansen is pitching Local Photo Adventures. Tickets at http://liftevents.ca
    @wayward.kin @paulmhansen_com *
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    3 days ago
    Love this


    3 days ago


    4 days ago
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  • hanspetermeyer

    January 10th at 10:03pm

    This morning's "breakfast of champions" - love how the Atlas indulges me with extra (extra!) onions and capers on mylox and creamcheese bagel ๐Ÿ˜Š
    #DowntownCourtenay #yqqEATS #WeAreYQQ #salmon #onions #breakfast #breakfastofchampions #ComoxValley


    6 days ago
    Keep it up!


    6 days ago


    6 days ago
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  • hanspetermeyer

    January 9th at 1:01am

    We don't usually get winter here in paradise (aka the Comox Valley). But when we do it looks like this. Time for me to shovel a wee bit of white at our place and at Mom's, before it gets too heavy.


    4 days ago
    @jesheryau ๐Ÿ˜Š


    4 days ago
    I miss your garden
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  • hanspetermeyer

    January 7th at 7:17pm
    7 0

    Me. By the fire. Mmmm. Hope you're nice and warm this morning :)

  • hanspetermeyer

    January 7th at 5:45am

    Wow. We thoroughly enjoyed the "$20 for 20 days" 3-course promo at Toscano's this evening! Thanks to LIFT Champ and local food hero Chef Kevin Frisch and his crew for this evening's dinner. Highly recommended.
    #yqqEATS #WeAreYQQ.


    9 days ago
    So yummy. I must be hungry!
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  • hanspetermeyer

    January 1st at 11:54pm

    Walking the Royston-Cumberland railway grade. #winter #ComoxValley

  • hanspetermeyer

    December 28th at 10:57pm

    Today's experience at Mary's prompted my father to exclaim that this Christmas season was "the best" he's ever had. A crowning moment for him was today's lunch at Mary's (very social - conversations with numerous other Mary's customers).
    I thought that was interesting conment, given that our "Christmas" was limited to today's luncheon date, that he didn't get to see his grandkids or me for our special family Christmas Eve (most of us were out of town). But Dad still managed to enjoy himself.
    As some of you know, it's been a hard year for Peter Meyer. But his attitude is amazing. Always looking on the bright side.
    Anyone who's spent much time with my Dad knows he's not "easy." He's a survivor of a truly "challenging" childhood and young adulthood. That's made life difficult for anyone who's been in a relationship with him - family, work, play. But he's persisted in enjoying life. And these days he's in a very happy place. I'm very glad for that, and I continue to be inspired by his example of persistently smiling and laughing about what life brings his way. Thanks Dad! Merry Christmas to you. Wishing you an easier year in 2017!
    #family #gratitude


    18 days ago
    Love the smile.๐Ÿ˜Š


    19 days ago
    Best wishes for the New Year to you and your dad!


    19 days ago
    Merry Christmas!! Thank you for coming in! ๐ŸŽ„๐Ÿ’๐ŸŽ„
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