Harry Rubenstein @harryr


Pop culture junkie, reformed procrastinator and bialy baker. I'm bring the bialy back.

  • harryr

    February 19th at 1:57pm
    12 1

    I'm making Momofuku Milk Bar compost cookies. Added chocolate chips, oats, pretzels, bamba, potato chips and Reese's peanut chips.


    13 hours ago
    I have a long list of Momofuku baked goods I'd like to make. How do you decide where to start?
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  • harryr

    February 19th at 6:47am
    10 2

    I love my family car stickers.


    20 hours ago
    @harryr the Zombie family? πŸ€—πŸ˜²πŸ˜†


    21 hours ago
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  • harryr

    February 18th at 7:58pm
    9 0

    Sweet Noodle kugel. #jewishfoodrenaissance

  • harryr

    February 18th at 7:56pm
    4 0

    "I made a haredi" -Einav,
    age 6.

  • harryr

    February 18th at 12:28pm
    7 0

    Mise en place.

  • harryr

    February 18th at 9:56am
    21 0

    Had a beautiful morning morning walk with Einav and Action Jackson this morning. #dogs #israel #rescuedog

  • harryr

    February 18th at 9:46am
    6 0

    Buttermilk pancakes.

  • harryr

    February 18th at 9:34am
    12 0

    Cinnamon babka. Perfection. #baking #jewishfoodrenaissance

  • harryr

    February 17th at 6:44pm
    17 1

    Best babka I've ever made. #baking #jewishfoodrenaissance


    2 days ago
    Too bad I'll be visiting Israel on pesach...
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  • harryr

    February 17th at 12:38pm
    13 0

    Hello, babka. I think I love you on the outside.

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