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    May 20th at 8:29pm
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    While walking through Fish Hoek , I passed a kids party filled with laughter, face paint and a jumping castle.. we often forget about the things that are important in life..

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    May 19th at 6:16pm
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    Not an ad. Smart Plus bread... saw it in a store today.

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    May 15th at 8:11pm
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    Penguin beach showing off at dusk..

  • henlaub

    May 15th at 8:10pm
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    Penguins being penguins

  • henlaub

    April 27th at 5:21pm
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    Some sights around Cape Town


    17 days ago
    🙌 🔥


    19 days ago


    24 days ago
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  • henlaub

    April 7th at 1:07pm
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    A nomination for the worlds most expensive orange juice from @vidaecaffe_official. Was tasty but R35?


    1 month ago
    This is a terrific shot.
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  • henlaub

    April 7th at 11:32am
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    Another @wired cover. @elonmusk could be the inventor of our generation.

  • henlaub

    April 7th at 9:20am
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    Been cleaning this past week. I have realized that @wired is worth every cent as they have been accurate on a majority of things

  • henlaub

    February 26th at 8:50pm
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    Saw this in Cape Town and still am baffled. Why have a Matte colored car after spending a lot of money on the said vehicle?


    3 months ago
    So sad


    3 months ago


    3 months ago
    Shoo I so agree.... I hate matt .paint
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  • henlaub

    January 22nd at 12:01pm
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    When in Seattle, you have to go to Husky stadium.

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