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  • hewasminemoon

    February 24th at 9:15am
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    Helped Jesse clean his room :O In the four years of me knowing him I've never seen it even close to this clean! I feel accomplished!

  • hewasminemoon

    February 23rd at 2:56am
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    Saw the most adorable cat today 😻


    2 days ago
    who's your fav band?
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  • hewasminemoon

    February 22nd at 7:12am
    11 0

    I mean look at that wall of memories πŸ’›

  • hewasminemoon

    February 22nd at 7:10am
    13 0

    My room is really starting to come together

  • hewasminemoon

    February 21st at 10:04pm
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    Was so lovely meeting you @hardstark and Karen πŸ’œ @myfavoritemurder #myfavoritemurder #MFM #SSDGM (And yes I did use @perfect365_official to make us all look fabulous)

  • hewasminemoon

    February 20th at 8:31am
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    What a wonderful night ❀️to @myfavoritemurder @hardstark Karen! (Who needs to get an IG) and to @stevenraymorris who couldn't make it!

  • hewasminemoon

    February 19th at 11:25pm
    17 0

    Today's the day

  • hewasminemoon

    February 19th at 1:01am
    7 1

    Think I'm gonna start living off soylent


    5 days ago
    Ooh, how is it
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  • hewasminemoon

    February 18th at 7:20am
    2 2

    FINALLY! Was supposed to arrive last month and it just got here! A wonderful addition to my growing collection of movie posters in my room!


    7 days ago
    Noooo wish I knew that!


    7 days ago
    We had a bunch of those in the upstairs booth at esquire!
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  • hewasminemoon

    February 16th at 9:37am
    9 0

    Falling asleep next to this sweet baby angel πŸ˜‡

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