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  • hilzfuld

    March 30th at 6:49pm

    Date night. Seeing 'Ghost in the Shell'.

  • hilzfuld

    March 30th at 8:35am
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    Great to geek out with Ben Lang (@benmaxime) who is leaving Israel (Temporarily. You hear that, Ben?!) to kick some serious butt in Silicon Valley. Good luck, dude. Come back soon.


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    14 hours ago
    Nice !
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  • hilzfuld

    March 30th at 7:34am
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    Doing the Tel Aviv cafe thing first thing in the morning. Waiting for my meeting to arrive.


    12 hours ago
    Those Aroma chocolates are good!


    15 hours ago
    @olivieramar next time


    15 hours ago
    You need to upgrade your coffee game to call it the Tel Aviv Coffee thing. Try Mae or I Love You Too next time :-)
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  • hilzfuld

    March 30th at 5:45am

    Good morning and happy Thursday. Off to WalkMe HQ for a big day. Huge announcement coming soon. I mean huge!

  • hilzfuld

    March 29th at 2:47pm

    Done. We talked Twitter, Musk, and Uber.


    21 hours ago
    Nice one! :)


    22 hours ago
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  • hilzfuld

    March 29th at 1:40pm
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    Listening in awe to @giladdevries, SVP Strategy of @outbrain, talk about how they got their first customer.


    21 hours ago
    😄 Love it!


    1 day ago
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  • hilzfuld

    March 29th at 1:37pm
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    Snappin at last week's prooV meetup!

  • hilzfuld

    March 29th at 11:38am

    Lunch. Short ribs.

  • hilzfuld

    March 29th at 10:46am

    Super duper awesome session on PR with some of the top marketers in Israel. In other news, I feel ridiculously outnumbered.

  • hilzfuld

    March 29th at 8:20am

    So yea, starting in 20 minutes, I'm speaking to the portfolio companies of the Viola Group about PR.
    I'm talking companies like Lightricks, Outbrain, Playbuzz, and so many others.
    Like I said, legends way outta my league.

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