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    December 5th at 1:32pm



    26 minutes ago
    Drool 😋😋😋
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  • hilzfuld

    December 5th at 6:01am

    Good morning and happy Monday! Off to Tel Aviv then Hertzliya for some great meetings with smart people!

  • hilzfuld

    December 4th at 6:19am

    Good morning and happy Sunday. Off to Modi`in to kick off the week meeting a super cool startup!

  • hilzfuld

    December 3rd at 10:20pm

    The famous Kazan burger in all its glory.

  • hilzfuld

    December 3rd at 10:07pm

    Out with amazing friends in Ra'anana! Great weather, great laughs, and some seriously great corned beef!

  • hilzfuld

    December 3rd at 9:14pm
    24 2

    Well, this is quite the story. Efrat came over to me tonight at the show and said "Nice to see you again.." Took me a second. Where did I know her from?

    Then she reminded me. A year ago, I was flying to LA and one of the engines of the aircraft lit on fire.
    We had an emergency landing in Billings Montana and stayed there for 13 hours till boarding another flight.
    Efrat was the Elal flight attendant. Awesome.


    5 hours ago
    @nipunonstartups thanks bro.


    5 hours ago
    Never lose your awesomeness!
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  • hilzfuld

    December 3rd at 8:56pm
    25 1

    I have not laughed this hard in a very VERY long time. @ElonGold is an absolute legend. Hilarious!


    2 days ago
    I produce the series that he is shooting in Israel! So nice to see the two of you together
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  • hilzfuld

    December 3rd at 6:51pm

    An amazing turn out for this comedy show starring Elon Gold supporting Kids Kicking Cancer. Benji Lovitt opening up and huge shoutout to Meir Goldberg for putting this together and for the crazy awesome tickets!

  • hilzfuld

    December 2nd at 3:12pm

    Signing off for 25 hours of family time away from all ringing, pinging, tweeting devices!
    Best time of the week. Shabbat Shalom.

  • hilzfuld

    December 1st at 5:50am

    Good morning and happy Thursday. Off to Tel Aviv then tonight? The Jerusalem monthly Tech & Torah meetup!

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