Martin May @hiroprot

  • hiroprot

    November 25th at 6:14am
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    Finishing off Thanksgiving with the new episode of The Grand curious Henry!


    9 days ago
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  • hiroprot

    November 25th at 3:27am
    5 0

    Thanksgiving Carcassonne

  • hiroprot

    November 18th at 10:26pm
    15 0

    Goodbye Apple Watch, going back to mechanical movements. Extra "fitness tracking" feature: if I don't move enough, the watch stops :)

  • hiroprot

    June 9th at 5:52am
    39 0

    It's pretty on the inside!

  • hiroprot

    March 29th at 8:11am
    54 3

    Oculus Home on DK2. Everything seems to work. Waiting for my Vive to get here :)


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    4 months ago


    4 months ago
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  • hiroprot

    December 25th at 8:46am
    26 3

    It's a beer night...Legend of the Liquid Brain! I miss posting these on Forkly.


    2 months ago


    1 year ago
    I miss Forkly too.


    1 year ago
    I was just thinking the same thing about our Christmas feasts!! Merry Christmas!
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  • hiroprot

    December 25th at 7:12am
    10 0

    Prairie Coffee Okie...outstanding!

  • hiroprot

    December 25th at 6:56am

    Christmas Eve dinner at Rioja

  • hiroprot

    December 4th at 9:18pm
    6 0

    Operation "Winter Tires" successful!

  • hiroprot

    December 3rd at 11:10pm

    Bartender's Choice from last night: Clint Eastwood...awesome!


    1 year ago
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