Howard Weaver @howardweaver

  • howardweaver

    December 31st at 11:35pm
    25 2

    Mamalahoa Gothic, Kailua Kona, HI


    2 years ago
    Where do you find these shots weaver, reminds me of a restaurant in anchorage in the 50's! Probably before your time.


    4 years ago
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  • howardweaver

    November 28th at 9:32pm
    7 0

    From the bicycle food delivery service, Edible Pedal, next to the Old Soul coffee house on the alley mi midtown Sacramento.

  • howardweaver

    February 1st at 9:53pm
    6 0

    Clock, morning sun.

  • howardweaver

    December 17th at 2:09am
    5 0
  • howardweaver

    November 27th at 2:34am
    2 0

    Ponderosa Christmas pine.

  • howardweaver

    November 26th at 5:04am
    4 0

    First lighting of the Christmas gate at Redwing.

  • howardweaver

    November 25th at 2:58am
    3 0
  • howardweaver

    November 16th at 7:02pm
    3 0

    Unexpected pleasant surprise in men's room at BWI.

  • howardweaver

    October 14th at 1:37am

    Mad muffins, maybe?

  • howardweaver

    October 11th at 4:07am
    1 0

    Betty doesn't do rain. She's parked on the couch.

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