“My father died on the day he got out of prison, so I never knew him. I was on my own as a child. I wasn’t able to go to school. I was hungry all the time. I’d wait all day by the marketplace until they threw out the rotten food. And if I couldn’t find any food, I’d steal it. I’ve spent over twenty years of my life in prison. My last sentence was for murder. A man slapped my mother so I stabbed him in the heart. But I’ve been trying to change ever since I adopted my son. I convinced his parents to let me have him because they were neglecting him. He was extremely sick when I found him. He was skinny like a lizard. But now he’s spoiled. Whenever he wants something, I give it to him. I don’t want him to be like me. I want him to go to school. My neighbors are in awe of my son. He never begs or fights. He’s very respectful because he’s so afraid of me. I always tell him: ‘If you ever fight or steal, I’m going to kill you.’” (Manila, Philippines)

Still root for him, he needs it
@amyleeuh I mean...lets be real....our parents said the same thing growing up . Only in this case...he'll actually do it. Lol but I'm sure it's coming from a positive place (I think). I mean...Why bring harm to a child u rescued from neglect?
@_y0ung_art That’s true too
Mmmmmmm idk ahahhh
I was all in until that last sentence 😥
@lilclairepackage thank you for that clarification. That does make sense. I hope that's what he meant
🤣😭 he needs to come to my house, BC my kids keep taking snacks when I'm sleep.
Tough love
Idk y I laughed at the last sentence it just seems like something every pinoy parent would say