“I’d always been very curious as a kid. I remember taking apart electronics and putting them back together, just to see if they’d still work. But I lost all that enthusiasm during my teenage years. My house became very dark, literally and figuratively. The lights were always off. My parents were always fighting. We never spoke to each other, and if we did, it was always in short sentences. All I cared about was getting out. I put the minimal amount of effort into school. I was angry all the time. I went through life without any goals and ended up getting a job that I wasn’t passionate about. But then one day I downloaded a program onto my office computer that gave me control over the entire network. It was my introduction to hacking, and I’ve been addicted to it ever since. I feel inspired every day. I started learning everything I could. I even discovered you can do it legally, so I’m back in school, getting my degree in information security.” (Manila, Philippines)

Vielleicht brachts jemand als ein Pfand
Awww love it
You always go back to who you truly are.
Very nic pic
❤️ this! 😂
Go for it!
This proves how much environment during growth years can effect your path in adulthood. He found his way back.. But most don't
Doch ist die Zukunft ihm entdeckt
Und doch den Tag sich immerfort verleiden
@skarri91 my exact thought! 😂😆
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Reminds me that it's never too late to discover your ******** Amazing! But the comments here are so funny. Haha.
Hahaha that shifted to quickly when he can do it “legally” hehehe 😩😊
*********** a reminder of the environment we choose to create for our children.
So happy for you
So inspiring!!!