“My boyfriend left as soon as I got pregnant. I was terrified to tell my father, but he discovered my pregnancy test hidden in a drawer. He didn’t speak to me for a few days. We’d always been close, so I knew something was up. Finally he asked me if I wanted to tell him something. I began to cry. I thought he was going to kick me out of the house. But he just went to speak with my mom in the other room, and when he came back, he asked what I planned to do. I told him I wanted to keep the baby, and from that moment on he was very supportive. He cooked me all kinds of dishes whenever I had cravings. He gave me words of encouragement. He started saving money in case I needed a cesarean section. But during my seventh month he came down with a fever after wading through floodwater. The next week it turned into a cough. We took him to the hospital, went home to get clothes, but he died by the time we got back. It was so sudden. I had no idea what I was going to do. I got all my strength from my father. It seemed like keeping the baby had been a mistake. It’s been a tough few years. I had to drop out of school and find a job, but my son is doing well. He’s very smart. He comes home from school with stickers and stars. He’s a ‘Mama’s boy.’ It’s been hard, but I’ve proven to myself that I didn’t have to end a life just because I couldn’t face it.” (Manila, Phillipines)

@alkistis97 thank you so much 💖 I’m 23!
you are queen...
@strawberrisushi wish you all the best
@maikamakai heartbreaking but still very inspiring!
Beautiful boy ❤️ You and him together will make your father proud.
What is wrong with you butt hurt people creating something out of nothing? She is simply telling HER story.. her experience.. she is not forcing anyone to be pro or against anything.
@elleinterrupted Whatever you say snowflake
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🍇🍊️🍿🌽🌽🌽 it's good that there are such nice people! I really like your page, let's be friends!
🍇🍊️🍿🌽🌽🌽 it's good that there are such nice people! I really like your page, let's be friends!
@galehills 😭😭😢 I love you
I get so emotional when I am reading this.