“I come from a village. My life would have been nothing if I’d stayed home. I’d just wake up, cook for my siblings, and clean the house. I wanted to do more with my life, so I’m working in the city to save for my education. It’s been a lot lonelier than I expected. I’m so far from home. I spend my evenings alone in my room at the boarding house. I have nothing to do but think of my family. I’ve been here a year, but I still haven’t met many people because I work so much. My coworker is my closest friend. She’s like my mother away from home. She reminds me to eat, take my medicine, and get enough sleep. If she sees that I’m sad, she tells me to rest and does the work herself. It’s just nice to feel cared for. I’m not sure if I could make it without her.” (Manila, Philippines)

Women support women👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
@sylviaofthewoods There’s absolutely nothing wrong with staying home, if that’s your choice, but she said she wanted an education. For me, the sad part is that she has to work so hard to get it.
Simple act of kindness that we need to change the world.
@sylviaofthewoods sadly a lot of filipino women and men from the provinces work in the city and the majority of their pay goes to support their family
That supreme tho
Da kam von Tronje Hagen wie ihm der Kunig rieth
Being away from your loved one while trying to start a new life is one of the worst things. I’m glad you’ve found someone that takes care of you. Praying for your heart, health and your future. 💕💕
The LV apron might only be 2 Dollars or less in the Philippines, we have here what we called "Divisoria" where all cheap and imitated products are being sold from LV to Gucci, you name it or "Ukay Ukay" a thrift shop version here where they sell cheap overrun clothings from factories.
@rosiero67 this made me think of you! ❤️
@chefmaric I want that Lv apron
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Are they pinoy?