“I do lifesaving training every weekend. Sometimes we have races where we have to paddle out to buoys in the middle of the ocean. There was one really tough race a few weeks ago. The ocean was messy like today but the waves were even bigger. And there were lots of bluebottles. Those are like jellyfish but worse. My dad said that I didn’t have to race, and half of the competitors dropped out, but I chose to do it anyway because I wanted to prove that I could be a lifeguard. On the outside I was ready to go but on the inside I was really nervous. Once the race started, some of the girls turned back because the waves were so big, and others were nose-diving and falling off their boards. But I made it all the way to the end and got fourth place. Everyone was congratulating me because fourth place is huge for me.” (Sydney, Australia)

Well done! You'd be a great life guard! Stay safe!!
Sie wohnen uns zu ferne ich darf sie nicht drum bitten
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@agramcalledinsta sydney AUS & this girl 💛
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What a little legend
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