“Since there are only two million Assyrians left, there’s a feeling that we might not survive. So we lean on our rituals. We lean on our church. We lean on our language, which nobody else speaks. It's a ‘we’ culture. Everything is about the group. And if you wander too far from the group, you become a threat. Because the group can’t afford to lose anyone else. Your relatives will remind you that you should be proud to be Assyrian. You’ll be reminded that our people were slaughtered. So it’s tough to go your own way. For the last couple months I’ve been traveling alone. My mother is convinced that this is my breakout plan. She’s been so strict on me my entire life. But a couple days ago she sent me a text message that brought me to tears. It said: ‘I know that I said you've seen enough and that you should come back, but if you want to stay longer, and you feel that it's safe, than you should definitely stay. And we'll hear from you when you come back.’” (Sydney, Australia)

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Hey that sounds just like Georgians!
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I’m a Muslim/Arab woman in America that’s trying to break away from all of that but still gets manipulated and threatened by the fam. I feel your pain....
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You won’t come back stronger you’re dreaming just come back and be happy with that
Stop making these crazy predictions about your race come on man wake up smell the coffee
I am half Armenian. It saddens me that so many know nothing about the genocide that the Armenians, ********* and Greeks had to endure together. ********* and Greeks will always be our brothers and sisters. Thank you for sharing this story.
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