“Both of us are very passionate about the environment. We actually met at the screening of a documentary about ocean pollution. Maybe we’ll get politically involved one day, but right now we’re just trying to live sustainable, happy lives without harming anything. We try to focus on the little victories. Recently we set up a triage hospital to help injured ducks during hunting season. And a few weeks ago we organized a beach clean that picked up half a ton of rubbish. It can be hard to affect change on a global scale, but we try to set an example, and it’s nice to see ripples of change in the people around you. I’ve even got my mom teaching vegan recipes to her friends.” (Sydney, Australia)

*************** so they should just not eat?
Ihr weiter nicht mich treiben Machte wer ihr seid
You're inspiring me to up my environmental conservation game!
@veggie_al viciada nesse casal
*********** ❤️❤️❤️🙏
@baitsausage this will be us minus the vegan part.
@natasha.hall Awww, I can't wait to save the world with you! And eat its inhabitants 😍
This is honestly so inspiring
@neginkhamisi wundervolle Portraits. Alle natürlich schön ohne irgendwelchen Hokuspokus XD ❤️
You find the people you are suppose to be with when you are doing the things you love the most.