“He was clean when I met him. He’d drink and use drugs a bit, but only when he partied. But he’s not strong like me. He tried heroin and he liked the feeling. And he couldn’t stop. It’s not that he’s a bad person. He has a soft heart. He smiles a lot. But he has a demon to fight and I already tried my best to help him. I tried to move him from the area. I tried to get him into rehab. I took him to parenting courses and counseling. Things got better for about six weeks. He was acting positive and he was there every day. Even if we got in a fight, he’d stick around and work things out. But then he started disappearing again. He started getting angry and violent. Then he’d come back on drugs and act like everything was fine. And I wasn’t going to allow it. You can’t just do anything you want and come home to my children. I hate being a single mom. It’s lonely. I hate that I’m playing into an Aboriginal stereotype. But ultimately my dedication is to my kids. I haven’t cut him off completely, but now he’s on his own. He’s got to figure it out himself. He can’t visit my kids until he’s 100 percent.” (Sydney, Australia)

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You are a strong woman with the right priorities. Be proud of yourself!
Praying for God to give you strength. 🙏
Oh, for real?
Why did you get pregnant...TWICE (at minimum), with someone who was obviously not ready??? And now you are blaming him for not being strong or clean??? You sound pretty weak yourself. We cannot save anyone but ourselves. Hard truth. I’m only asking real questions for the real people that will follow in your footsteps. These are choices we make, not something thrust upon us that we now have to “deal” with. You chose this deal. You’d be better off supporting him and showing him unconditional love rather than “tough love”. It will also help teach your children the truth of life and your choices and teach them unconditional love instead of teaching them that their father chose drugs over them. Gotta answer to yourself first. #reallife
You got this!!!!!
@helinskih I love this account
Inspirational and brave 🙌💪❤️
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Strong woman
So proud of you that you are choosing yourself first- so you can be the best mother to your children. No doubt it is difficult, and lonely at times, but the rewards are ********* and unending. Stay true to what path you’re choosing 💕💕💕
So strong! Your kids are so lucky to have you.